Proclaiming the Love of the Family This Summer

“The welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world and that of the Church

So says Pope Francis in his Apostolic Exhortation The Joy of Love. And this summer, Damon and Melanie Owens are on a mission with joytob to proclaim the joy of love and of the family as envisioned by Pope St. John Paul II in his Theology of the Body.

“Why Theology of the Body?,” Damon asks. “Theology of the Body has transformed my life – my marriage, my family, my relationship with Jesus Christ.” It does this by putting a “relational lens” on the core tenants of the Faith that often feel so abstract.

We’re all called to relationship, to the communion of persons. As Pope St. John Paul II was so fond of quoting, “Man cannot fully find himself, except through a sincere gift of himself.” It’s in relationship, in making that “sincere gift of self,” that we discover the joy we were created for, and the joy that we all so desperately seek.

“The search for joy explains every human act – good, bad and ugly.” Damon says. “The need for joy explains every human desire – good, bad, and ugly. The fulfillment of joy is the heart of the entire Salvation Story of Jesus Christ.” For Damon and Melanie, the Theology of the Body is the lens through which to see this search for joy relationally. “It’s a lens through which we can see the entire salvation story, yes, but also our role in it.”

“The Theology of the Body helped me see the entire Faith that I grew up with, that I left, and that I came back to through this relational lens. It helped me understand who I am:

1.      In relationship with God

2.      In my identity – Who does Damon Owens think he is?

3.      In my relationship with other people

4.      In my relationship with creation.

These are the four key relationships through which the Theology of the Body helped me to view the entire Christian proposal, the entire Gospel!”

And where is it that we first learn about relationship? “It’s in the family! The family is the privileged school of love. Pope Benedict says that ‘The family… is where the theology of the body and the theology of love are interwoven.’ I love that quote. It’s the seminal quote of joytob. It’s why this ministry exists.”

This summer, if you’re ready to reclaim the love and joy that God has planned for you and for your marriage from the beginning, then join Damon and Melanie in their mission to revitalize marriages and families across the country. In their live presentations they explore the real power of Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body when we apply it to our lives – ourselves, our marriages, and our families. They show that living out these teachings in the nitty-gritty of family life leads to the true joy that we all ache for so desperately.

They have events scheduled across the country, but they still want to come to your parish to bring this joy-filled message to you and your community. So give yourself, your marriage, your family, and your parish the gift of learning the beauty of theology of the body. Bring joytob to your community. Schedule Damon and Melanie here!

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